Canada Could See A 600-megawatt Hydrogen Plant
Eastern Power Ltd. is proposing to build a 600-megawatt hydrogen-ready power plant project in Ontario. Hydrogen Industry Leaders investigates how the plant could help to decarbonise Canada.

The proposed hydrogen power plant would be located next to its Green Electron Power Plant on Oil Springs Line near Courtright, Ontario. It would be designed to run on either 100 per cent natural gas or a blend of up to 65 per cent hydrogen and natural gas.

The company has said that it aims to build a plant designed to take advantage of low GHG emissions as they become more available over the life of the project.

Before it is given the green light to be built, the power plant may need to have a federal impact assessment, which will be decided by the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada, the Environment and Climate Change Canada division.

This assessment is a process used to identify, predict and evaluate the potential environment, health, social and economic impacts of development proposals.