INEOS Lead the way in Reducing Ammonia Emissions in Germany
INEOS are determined to reduce harmful ammonia emissions through the use of hydrogen. HIL highlights the key ways this will be achieved.

In October 2021, INEOS announced that they will be producing hydrogen to feed into their green ammonia production line. This will become the newest application in the future of green hydrogen production.

Ammonia is the second-largest global chemical product, so transitioning to green ammonia is essential in reducing ghg emissions. The use of green hydrogen in the green ammonia process has the potential to reduce almost 1% of global ghg per year.

A branch of the project will also look into the development of E-fuels at the INEOS Köln site, Germany. This project is attracting a lot of attention from the sector as it will be at an industrial scale.

To decarbonise the chemical value chains, methods of carbon capture will be used alongside green hydrogen.

The green hydrogen project aims to reduce direct and indirect carbon emissions by over 120,000 tonnes per year, taking sustainability to the next level.