18 Hydrogen Buses to be Deployed in Germany
It has been revealed that Solaris has received a third order for its Solaris hydrogen-powered buses from Regionalverkehr Köln GmbH (RVK). How will this boost Germany’s hydrogen efforts?

Deployed in Cologne, Germany, it is expected that the 18 fuel cell vehicles will be operational on RVK’s lines with deliveries aimed for the second half of 2024.

The Urbino 18 hydrogen models are equipped with a 100kW fuel cell set and utilise more than 50 kg of hydrogen gas stored in eight tanks. They have a guaranteed range of 350 km suitable for various weather and terrain conditions.

Also, the new additions will include high-efficiency air conditioning with heat pump heating, advanced monitoring, and passenger information systems.

This follows April 2023, when Stadtwerke Bruhl, along with RVK, ordered six Solaris Urbino 12 buses to go into service in Bruhl.

Last month, Solaris announced that it would deliver five Urbino 12 buses to Busreisen Ettenhuber, plus another five to Marin Geldhauser & Co.

It is expected that the buses will be entered into regular service in the Autum, which will coincide with the completion of hydrogen filling stations currently under construction at each company’s depot.

The station will be supplied with green hydrogen produced from renewable energy in Pfeffenhausen, Germany.