Future End Users

Hydrogen is already decarbonising various industries throughout the UK – see how it could be utilised in yours.

Learn how to Become an End User of Hydrogen at our Events

The future end users of hydrogen are yet to be determined, and establishing connections with the existing hydrogen supply chain can be difficult. Hydrogen Industry Leaders are committed to connecting you with the supply chain and answering any questions you have regarding the transition to a hydrogen future in your sector.

Through in-person conferences, webinars, magazines and online content, Hydrogen Industry Leaders is the one-stop place to get solutions for your energy transition questions. Get in touch to find out how you can become a hydrogen industry leader today.

Evaluating the Different Ways Hydrogen can be Used in Heat Systems

Globally, heating accounts for 40% of energy-related CO2 emissions. It is clear that to considerably reduce the release of harmful greenhouse gases […]

Cutting Aviation Emissions is a Priority for the UK Government

Aviation, one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions globally, currently accounts for 2.5% of worldwide CO2 emissions. Hydrogen Industry Leaders […]

How Will Land Transport Pave the way to a Secure Hydrogen Economy?

When it comes to reducing our carbon emissions, the future of land transport is a key consideration. In a report published by […]

Will Hydrogen Become a Viable Solution for the Maritime Sector?

Responsible for 2% of global greenhouse gas emissions, the shipping sector are prime candidates when it comes to looking into decarbonisation options. […]

Hydrogen Offers Unique Opportunities for UK Agriculture

Accounting for 25% of global greenhouse gas emissions, the agriculture sector is among the most significant contributors to climate change. Hydrogen Industry […]

What Role Will Hydrogen Play in the Chemical Feedstock Sector?

The use of hydrogen as a sustainable chemical feedstock is becoming increasingly attractive in the European Union – in fact, it is […]

Upcoming Events

Hydrogen in the Public Sector 2024

Radisson Blu, Manchester 21/05/2024

Following on from the nationally focussed event series, Hydrogen Industry Leaders’ next event turns attention towards the pivotal role of the public […]

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Hydrogen in Transport Conference 2024

Radisson Blu, Manchester 04/07/2024

Our hydrogen transport conference will be held at the Radisson Blu Manchester Airport on 04 July 2024. With transport being responsible for […]

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Hydrogen Transport Forum 2024

Radisson Blu, Manchester 04/07/2024

We’re delighted to be hosting our Hydrogen Transport Forum, taking place at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Manchester Airport on 4 July 2024. […]

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