Evaluating the Different Ways Hydrogen can be Used in Heat Systems

Globally, heating accounts for 40% of energy-related CO2 emissions. It is clear that to considerably reduce the release of harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, the heating sector must undergo significant change. Hydrogen Industry Leaders explores the ways hydrogen could provide the answer.

Heating is an essential utility in domestic, commercial, and industrial settings, but burning natural gases is a significant contributor to climate change. Hydrogen, on the other hand, produces no harmful emissions when burned, and its higher energy density means it can provide more heat per unit of volume than traditional fuels, making it an efficient alternative. This in turn leads to significant energy savings when burning hydrogen over traditional fuels.

In the domestic heating arena, Worcester Bosch is leading the change, having already developed a prototype hydrogen boiler. The boiler, which is capable of burning gas or hydrogen, could lead to the further innovation of existing infrastructure in encouraging gas distribution networks to carry hydrogen.

After going through rigorous testing and being declared ‘safe’, this key innovation could pave the way for hydrogen boilers to become commonplace in UK households. What’s more, the boiler is user friendly, highlighting how innovation is possible without any change in behaviour for the end user.

Commercially and industrially, hydrogen can be used as fuel in a variety of heating applications, including in furnaces, boilers, and kilns. This versatility makes it a viable and attractive option for businesses with various heating needs. 

However, due to the lack of infrastructure readily available for hydrogen to be used exclusively, hydrogen blends can be utilised in the meantime. This method mixes green hydrogen with natural gas, and has the capability of cutting carbon emissions by up to 50%, putting businesses on the right path towards decarbonisation. This option will serve many commercial and industrial companies as a gradual transition to full hydrogen usage.

Hydrogen Industry Leaders can provide support and guidance through our multimedia platform and in-person event series, where we bring together the people working in hydrogen with the people looking to transition into the hydrogen sector for heating.