Africa’s First Large Scale Green Hydrogen Project Coming to Namibia
Hydrogen Development Federation (HDF) Energy has announced a N$4.5 billion green hydrogen project to be constructed in Swakopmund, the Swakopmund Business Forum heard last Wednesday.


The project will provide 50MW or power during the day, 6MW during the night, and 85MW in total of solar, as well as 230MWh of storage.

According to Nicolas Lecomte, HDF’s Director for Southern and Eastern Africa, the project is a hybrid power plant that combines various technologies and equipment, and is funded by the big five commercial banks in Southern Africa.

He added: “We are now discussing with investors to point [out] which is the next step in the project and these conversations are going well.”

Locals will benefit from the project through opportunities including employment and skills.

Nicolas explained that the company has started working with the United Nations World Food Programme to prepare block farms and gardens for the nearby communities, which will enable residents to grow and sell vegetables.

“This is key for us to maximise the impact of the project and we are very happy to work with the United Nations. They have been successfully growing food in the Sahara Desert, so why not in the desert areas around Swakopmund,” he said.