Agreement Signed for Green Hydrogen Project in Morocco
VERDE HYDROGEN has signed an agreement to develop and commission a 2MW green hydrogen electrolyser project in Morocco. How will this help Morocco explore hydrogen development?

The implementation of the project represents a breakthrough development for both VERDE HYDROGEN and the green hydrogen market in North Africa.

This green hydrogen project adopts VERDE’s 2MW (Verde-400) containerised electrolyser with five modules in total including two 20ft containers and two 40ft containers in a highly compact design.

The unit complies with ISO22734, IEC, CE, and ASME standards, and it is said by VERDE that the project will complete its installation in early 2024.

VERDE HYDROGEN’s CEO Steve Cameron explained the excitement of the new project in Morocco: “I am confident the VERDE team will be successful in meeting all commitments. We believe this will be just the first of many installations we will have in this region that will play a crucial role in the hydrogen economy’s development.”