Are Fully Hydrogen Power Plants Within Reach?
As Sizewell C nuclear power station is set to be built in the UK, HIL highlights what it means for clean energy for the nation.

Sizewell C is a new nuclear power station for Britain that is set to produce reliable, low-carbon electricity. Located in Suffolk, England, Sizewell C will generate enough low-carbon electricity to supply six million homes for at least 60 years. 

Sizewell C is exploring how to produce and use hydrogen in several ways. Firstly, it could help lower emissions when constructing the power station. 

Once Sizewell C is operational, heat from the power station can be used to make electrolysis even more effective. Heat is already tapped off at nuclear facilities in other parts of the world and provides district heating for homes and businesses. 

It could also become the central source of power for an energy hub. By linking to other low carbon technology, it will operate flexibly and deliver even more value to the energy system.