Australia to Turn to Hydrogen for Aviation
The Hydrogen Flight Alliance (HFA) has been launched by key players in Australia’s aviation and green hydrogen industries. How will this ensure that Australia leads the way for net zero aviation?

One of the objectives for the HFA is for a hydrogen-powered plane to fly between Brisbane Airport and Gladstone Airport in 2026.

Green hydrogen developments are well underway in both Australian cities, making them the perfect locations to launch the country’s first hydrogen-electric aircraft routes.

Skytrains Airlines will operate the route and use a 15-seat Stralis B1900D-HE aircraft. The aircraft will be built in Brisbane.

HFA members include Stralis Aircraft, Skytrains Airlines, Brisbane Airpot, Gladstone Airport, Aviation Australia, BOC, H2 Energy Company, Griffith University, and Central Queensland University.

The formation of HFA will establish a clean technology hub in Queensland, and it is expected to generate jobs, training programmes, and emission-free aircraft manufacturing.

A 6-seater hydrogen-electric-powered Beechcraft Bonanza demonstrator Stralis Aircraft is aimed to begin flight testing in early 2024.