Battolyser Systems to build 1GW Capacity in the Port of Rotterdam
Battolyser Systems has revealed plans to build a 1GW factory in the Port of Rotterdam with the purpose of manufacturing its integrated battery-electrolyser system.

Spanning just over 14,000m2, the $104m production site is located in the M4H area of the port. The 1GW production site is estimated to create over 700 direct jobs once operational.

Producing hydrogen from solar and wind, the company says its Battolyser can produce when power prices are low and provide electricity to the grid when prices are higher.

With an operational date of Q2 in 2024, the production site will double as an R&D centre, ensuring innovation is at the heart of the site. Additionally, an FID is expected in 2023, with an expectation of public and private investment to future-proof the production site.

Allard Castelein, CEO of Port of Rotterdam, said, “Rotterdam positions itself as Europe’s Hydrogen Hub and new sustainable industries are welcomed to help realise the transition that’s taking place in Rotterdam. We need companies such as Battolyser Systems, and we believe the port is the ideal place for its first large-scale factory.”