British Green Technology Noticed By Chevron Technology Ventures 
After Sunstone Systems were selected by Chevron Technology Ventures for a catalyst program, Quadrant Smart sits down with Paul Schellhaas, co-founder and CEO of Sunstone Systems to discuss how they are helping the push for net-zero. 

Sunstone Systems is a British, green technology company focused on designing and manufacturing wireless surveillance and communications solutions. Powered entirely by renewable energy, Sunstone provides a wide range of services. 

These include patented products that deliver zero-emissions solutions to Defence, Security, Oil & Gas, Construction, Highways and National Infrastructure clients around the world. 

By providing these services to help businesses to reduce their carbon footprint, they also improve their connectivity and security. Chevron Technology Ventures (CTV) noticed this hard work, who leverages innovative companies and technologies to strengthen Chevron’s core operations and identifies new opportunities to shape the future of energy.

We are delighted that our solutions-focused approach has been acknowledged by the Chevron Technology Ventures

Interestingly, this is not the first time that Sunstone Systems have been in collaboration with Chevron. Sunstone’s core product, The Solar IP CCTV System (SICS), is already being used by Chevron as well as some of the largest organisations in the energy and construction sectors. 

Net-zero is the main focal point

A surveillance system powered entirely by solar energy, the SICS delivers HD CCTV and telecommunications in remote, often off-grid locations and can be deployed online in minutes.

Speaking to Quadrant Smart, Paul Schellhaas, Co-founder and CEO of Sunstone Systems explained: “We are incredibly excited to join the CTV Catalyst program and accelerate our growth. Sunstone has a recognised and enviable reputation for creating robust, off-grid solutions that deliver reliable power from low carbon energy to a range of digital applications. 

2050 is looming, we need action now

Accelerated growth in this sector is essential if we are to meet the 2050 net-zero targets, and initiatives like the CTV go a long way in encouraging businesses to focus on their impact on the environment.

Rounding up the interview Paul highlighted: “We are delighted that our solutions-focused approach has been acknowledged by the Chevron Technology Ventures team and we look forward to continuing to work with them in this next phase of our growth.”