Canada’s Skies Are Set To Become Cleaner Through Hydrogen
Universal Hydrogen has announced the order from Avmax Aircraft Leasing to convert 20 regional aircraft to run on green hydrogen. Hydrogen Industry Leaders looks at how Canada’s aviation sector is going to become cleaner through this.

Canada’s aviation market is home to the largest turboprop fleet in the world, with nearly 300 Dash-8s and 50 ATRs servicing more than 120 airports.

Within the order, Avmax has the flexibility to select between Universal Hydrogen’s ATR 72-600 and Dash 8-300 conversion kits. In addition to this, Universal Hydrogen will provide hydrogen fuel to power both Avmax’s leased and owned fleets.

It could see Avmax become a maintenance and MRO partner to Universal Hydrogen, because of the company’s North American operating footprint and aircraft conversion capabilities.

The order comes after in 2021, Universal Hydrogen announced it had secured $20.5m in funding to push the development of hydrogen propulsion for regional aircraft, with plans for its first commercial flight to be seen in 2025.

Seeing Canada’s aviation sector become cleaner through the use of hydrogen, is key to reconnecting communities and spurring economic activity.