Consortium Comes Together to Boost Offshore Wind Production
The Gigastack project aims to demonstrate the benefits of and potential for renewable hydrogen derived from offshore wind. 

The consortium will highlight the regulatory, commercial, and technical challenges to be overcome, developing a blueprint for deploying scalable electrolyser technology across the UK. 

Gigastack brings together an ambitious consortium to prove economically viable renewable hydrogen at scale by Developing electrolyser technology to produce renewable hydrogen at a large scale.

Coupling one of the largest offshore wind farms in the world with the largest carbon-emitting industrial zone in the UK on a pathway to net-zero and decarbonising large industrial clusters through collaboration. 

In Gigastack Phase 2 the consortium will conduct a Front-End Engineering Design (‘FEED’) study on a 100MW electrolyser system, and further, develop the manufacturing for ITM Power’s next-generation stack – Gigastack.