Could We See Australia’s First Hydrogen-Powered Plane Soon?
Australian-based Aviation H2 has gained further traction in its pursuit of creating what it says will be Australia’s first hydrogen-powered plane by mid-2023. Hydrogen Industry Leaders investigates how the plane could soon become a reality.

It was announced by the company that it is set to acquire three engines which will test its hydrogen-powered technology in the next couple of weeks. It is understood that FalconAir is currently ensuring that the engines meet Aviation H2’s requirements.

Aviation H2 is set to introduce a new testing phase which will determine fuel mix configurations, which it hopes can be transferred onto existing aircraft. The Dassault Falcon 50 business jet has been chosen by the company as its focus for hydrogen conversion.

The pursuit of creating Australia’s first hydrogen-powered plane by mid-2023 comes after, Aviation H2 set itself the mission of decarbonising the aviation sector by bringing hydrogen-powered flight to Australia.