Europe To Provide Green Hydrogen For Ammonia Plants
Following a Memorandum of Understanding, Lhyfe and Horisont Energi have come together for the joint development of green ammonia-producing plants in Europe fed by green hydrogen plants. Hydrogen Industry Leaders look at how this will provide opportunities for industrial-scale green ammonia plants.

The agreement aims to see the companies collaborate on joint solutions to provide green hydrogen to ammonia plants in Europe, with the initial development project being planned in Northern Europe.

In addition to this, the companies will jointly search for strategic positions in renewable energy in Europe to identify new and existing project opportunities for industrial-scale green ammonia plants.

They claim that building upon the core competency of Lhyfe within the production of renewable green hydrogen and Horisont Energi’s competency within clean ammonia, there is a substantial potential for growth in the partnership.

Area Manager Nordics & UK at Lhyfe, Björn Arvidsson, said: “This agreement with an innovative producer of clean ammonia in Norway gives us both the opportunity to develop projects to fuel the green hydrogen development in Norway, but also to look for joint development of projects to provide new green ammonia-producing plants in Europe. We are very happy to have reached this agreement, and we look forward to work with the Horisont Energi team,”