First Kilograms of Hydrogen Produced From Ambitious Project
After previous reports from Hydrogen Industry Leaders on Lhyfe’s offshore hydrogen production pilot, it has been announced that the first kilograms of hydrogen has been produced from the project.  

Lhyfe achieved a significant milestone on June 20, 2023, as the Sealhyfe platform was transported 20km into the Atlantic Ocean and connected to the SEM-REV offshore testing site near Central Nantes, France. It has since commenced hydrogen production, marking a crucial achievement for Lhyfe.

With the capacity to generate 400kg of hydrogen per day, this compact platform incorporates a 1MW electrolyser provided by Plug Power. It will undergo real-world testing to assess its performance in terms of movement, exposure to environmental factors, and validation of its software.

Before the offshore testing phase, Sealhyfe was anchored at the Quai des Frégates in the Port of Saint-Nazaire. During the period between September 2022 and May 2023, it underwent benchmarking, technology optimization, and system tests.

Lhyfe has announced its intention to repeat all the tests multiple times at sea to directly compare the results, enabling them to prepare for further tests specifically tailored to offshore conditions.