Florida Gas Turbines To Explore Hydrogen
As GE launches its commercial operation of its GE 7HA.03 at the Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) Dania Beach Clean Energy Centre, Florida, US, Hydrogen Industry Leaders looks at how hydrogen could soon be welcomed by the company.

The new GE gas turbine is said to have the capability to burn up to 50 per cent by volume of hydrogen when blended with natural gas.

President and CEO of GE Gas Power, Eric Gray, said: “To be able to deliver such an incredible package of technology, safely and on time, is a testament to what we were able to achieve together and will unlock new levels of power generation stability, emissions performance, and reliability across the FPL system.”

It comes after two GE projects were awarded $12m from the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management on 25 May 2022 to develop and test components with 100 per cent hydrogen fuel stream in gas turbines.