Fourth Hydrogen Refuelling Station Announced in California
Nikola has announced an additional HYLA-branded hydrogen refuelling station in West Sacramento, California. How will this support fleets transition to zero emissions?

The hydrogen refuelling station will be California’s fourth HYLA refuelling station, as the company builds its planned station network and targets 60 stations by the end of 2026.

It is explained that this station will further support Nikola’s truck demand as well as third-party heavy-duty hydrogen electric vehicles and is located close to several distribution centres.

Nikola President, Carey Mendes, revealed that HYLA is focusing on solving issues that the hydrogen industry is facing: “Our recently announced hydrogen energy brand, HYLA, is dedicated to solving the complex challenges that the mobility and hydrogen industry have faced for decades by offering integrated mobility solutions, including the trucks and energy supply.

“The HYLA hydrogen refuelling stations, along with a comprehensive energy supply, will provide our customers the support needed to seamlessly transition their fleets to zero-emissions.”

Demonstrating its ability to cool and compress hydrogen to quickly fill 700 bar FCEV heavy trucks, the HYLA was unveiled earlier this year.

Nikola has said it believes that California is a launch market for the company and it hopes that the stations will support key customers while advancing California’s efforts to decarbonise the transport sector.