France To Produce Renewable Aeronautical And Marine Fuels
Hy2gen and Technip Energies have launched the feasibility study phase for the Hynovera project. Hydrogen Industry Leaders looks at how it aims to produce renewable aeronautical and marine fuels on an industrial scale.

The Hynovera project is to be located on the site of the former Provence coal-fired power station and will have a total volume of around 460 million euros.

It is part of the Territorial Pact signed by the local authorities, the state, and the owner of the site to define industrial renewal for the site to the energy transition.

To further push the conversion of biomass into green fuels, the companies will combine the BioTfueL technology process with an 85-120 MW electrolyser. This is said to produce green hydrogen from renewable energy.

Technip Energies will be responsible for the design of the plant and the integration of the various technological components.

Laure Mandrou, SVP Low Carbon Activities at Technip Energies, said: “We are proud to be involved in the development of Hy2gen projects and, in particular, the Hynovera project.

“This project, which will help build a sustainable future, demonstrates our commitment alongside Hy2gen and fits perfectly with our strategy to develop the market for green hydrogen and its derivatives.”