Green Hydrogen Hub Proposed for British Colombia
Australian green energy and metals producer Fortescue has announced plans for a green hydrogen and ammonia production plant in Prince George, Canada.


‘Project Coyote’ would produce approximately 140,000 tonnes and hydrogen and 700,000 tonnes of ammonia per year, which would be used both domestically and for exports.

At a cost of USD $2 billion and needing 1,000 MW of power to run, the project is also slated to create 100 new jobs in the region.

The city is situated in the province of British Colombia and was chosen as the location for the site due to its leadership and access to natural resources.

Dr Andrew Forrest, founder and chairman of Fortescue, said: “[Prince George has] got clean air. It’s got heaps of water. It’s got heaps of electricity. It’s got everything going for it, and so this first 1,000 MW facility sounds really big, but it’s a stepping stone to what could be built out here in this beautiful part of the world.”

Earlier this year, the British Columbian government offered the city funding over two years to support its transformation into a regional hub for hydrogen.