How Is Missouri Promoting Hydrogen In The Industrial Sector?
Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T) is partnering with industry, business groups and academic institutions to form the Greater St. Louis and Illinois Regional Clean Hydrogen Hub Industrial Cluster. Hydrogen Industry Leaders explores how the group will promote clean energy in the industrial sector.

Collaborating on developing infrastructure for hydrogen fuels and using technology to help individual businesses meet their decarbonisation goals, the group aim to reduce GHG emissions for Missouri by 2035.

As well as Missouri S&T, the newly formed group’s members include Ameren, Burns McDonnell, MPLX LP, Marquis Industrial Complex, Alton Steel, Walmart, Mitsubishi Power, Plug Power, Spire, Washington University in St. Louis, Greater St. Louis, Inc., and the Leadership Council of Southwestern Illinois.

The collaborative believes that the Greater St. Louis and Illinois region is well positioned to provide continuity with other clean hydrogen hubs through existing infrastructure and natural resources. This includes navigable rivers such as the Illinois, Missouri and Mississippi, and interstate highway connections to other major metropolitan areas including Chicago, Indianapolis, and Kansas City.

In addition to this, the Port of St. Louis is said to make for excellent CO2 storage and has a good natural gas pipeline and delivery systems.