How Much CO2 Can Be Reduced by VHyGO’s Hydrogen Project?
The VHyGO Project, located in Grand Ouest Hydrogen Valley, will deploy green hydrogen in three different regions, HIL highlights the main objectives.   

The project aims to produce renewable hydrogen that is accessible to all and to reduce the territory’s carbon footprint by avoiding 50,000 tonnes of CO2 by 2024. 

Driven by a conviction “Hydrogen must not be the source of an ecological drive between large and small” (communities and businesses), the consortium has set up four objectives. 

These include developing the production of renewable hydrogen; supporting the transition to zero-emission urban, intercity, and maritime mobility by enabling communities and businesses to buy vehicles at the best price. 

In addition to this, integrating renewable hydrogen into industrial uses, and creating coherent ecosystems that address the environmental challenges of local authorities.