How will Brazil Increase the Capacity of its Hydrogen Plant?
Unigel has signed a MoU with thyssenkrupp nucera to increase the capacity of its green hydrogen plant in Brazil. Hydrogen Industry Leaders looks at how this will help to boost Brazil’s hydrogen economy.

According to thyssenkrupp nucera, Unigel’s plant in Bahia will be the first industrial-scale green hydrogen plant in Brazil and is planned to be delivered at the end of the year.

In the first phase, the plant is expected to have a total water electrolysis capacity of 60 MW with thyssenkrupp nucera standard electrolysers and an initial production capacity of 10,000 tonnes/year of green hydrogen and 60,000 tonnes/year of green ammonia.

It has been revealed by thyssenkrupp nucera that green hydrogen and green ammonia will be offered to customers seeking to decarbonise their production chains such as the steel industry, oil refineries, and ammonia producers. In addition, green ammonia will be used in Unigel’s value chain.

Werner Ponikwar, CEO and Chairman of thyssenkrupp nucera, explained that this hydrogen plant will be crucial to boosting Brazil’s hydrogen economy.

He said: “Brazil has not only set ambitious climate protection plans but is also implementing them. This includes, in particular, consistently exploiting the opportunities offered by green hydrogen… With our technologies for the development of a hydrogen economy, we are making our contribution to paving the way for the green transformation.”