Hydrogen Business Directory to Enhance the Hydrogen Economy
In a bid to boost its hydrogen industry, South Australia has introduced an extensive hydrogen business directory consisting of numerous companies eager to engage in and capable of providing services within the hydrogen supply chain.

The initiative, financially backed by the South Australian Government and executed in collaboration with the Industry Capability Network of South Australia (ICN SA), showcases a comprehensive compilation of over 260 enterprises. This compilation was the result of a formal expression of interest process conducted earlier in the year 2023.

Encompassing a spectrum of participants ranging from upstream contributors involved in hydrogen production, storage, transportation, and distribution, to downstream stakeholders engaged in applications like green iron manufacturing, the directory offers a holistic view of the industry landscape. Notably, the directory supplies additional insights including business dimensions, regulatory adherence, and whether a business is of Aboriginal ownership. These details empower project initiators to assess the appropriateness of a particular business for specific undertakings.

Recognising the dynamic nature of the business landscape, the directory remains open to updates. Enterprises that presently do not appear in the directory are encouraged to reach out to ICN SA for potential inclusion in forthcoming iterations. Through this strategic move, South Australia aims to foster its hydrogen sector by fostering collaboration and resource-sharing among a wide array of businesses, thus catalysing the growth of a robust and sustainable hydrogen ecosystem.