HYREN Hydrogen Development Platform Launched in Spain
Matrix Renewables and Rolwind Renovables are collaborating to establish a novel platform aimed at advancing the growth of the green hydrogen industry in Spain. Hydrogen Industry Leaders highlights the core aspects of the collaboration. 

The objective of HYREN is to set a standard for the development, building, and management of green hydrogen infrastructure in Europe.

As per the agreement, the companies will create a specialised platform devoted to introducing, producing, and marketing green hydrogen and its various applications in Spain.

HYREN will merge the two companies’ ventures, resulting in a combined generation capacity of over 1GW in Andalusia, Aragon, and Castilla La Mancha, with a goal of attaining up to 4GW.

According to Luis Sabaté, the President of Matrix Renewables, hydrogen is a: “Versatile energy carrier with a broad range of applications and significant potential to aid in addressing the ongoing climate crisis.”

Both companies have constructed and established 130MWp PV solar plants in Huelva, Spain. These plants will be hybridised by integrating 16MW of adjoining storage facilities. Additionally, the companies possess a development pipeline of 765MW in Spain.