Hystar Expansion Plans Set for North America

A 4GW electrolyser factory will come to North America as part of Hystar’s expansion plans, the company has announced.


The PEM electrolyser technology specialists are also planning to deliver a fully automated 4GW electrolyser factory in Høvik, Norway, with construction beginning early next year and set for completion in 2025.

Their North America venture has yet to establish a location, but after confirming this in 2024, they plan to deliver the facility by 2027.

Currently, Hystar are engaging in discussion with key stakeholders across the continent, and will soon initiate its hiring process for the North American headquarters.

The company anticipate that its American operations may exceed its European plans within the decade, and could invest in further GW factories by 2030.

Fredrik Mowill, CEO of Hystar, said: “As we continue to scale up our operations, we are now looking at opportunities beyond Europe – the North American market has created a highly favourable environment for companies like ours to thrive in.

We are looking forward to identifying the ideal North American location for Hystar.

“Both the US and Canada have attractive incentives on offer, demonstrating a clear commitment to providing our industry with much-needed certainty and financial support.

“Opening a North American headquarters and delivering a factory on the continent is a major milestone in Hystar’s journey to deploying green hydrogen at scale. This is critical to decarbonising the global economy.”