Integrated Hydrogen System Implemented Across Romania
Supplying an integrated green hydrogen production, storage, fuel cell and refuelling system to Romania, Swedish-based Metacon has reached a $17m agreement with GIC.

Through a formal master supply agreement (MSA), Metacon will supply an integrated hydrogen system which will include 10MW of electrolysis based hydrogen production, hydrogen compression and storage, and a fuel cell unit. Focussing on a whole solution, it will also act as an integrated hydrogen refuelling station.

Despite the project still requiring an EU grant decision, the production capacity is set to reach highs of 4.3 tonnes of green hydrogen per day, with an initial production of 1.3 tonnes per day and will utilise 30MW of wind power.

Following the first phase of engineering, planning, and designing, in the project’s second phase, GIC intends to be able to deliver a minimum of 300kg of hydrogen refuelling at 350 bar. There is no fixed date on a FID, with the project focussing on supplying initial phases first and focusing on scalability and future delivery once EU grant funding is used.

GIC has said it is entering the project’s development for integrating green hydrogen systems into its existing renewable energy plants.