Ireland To Get Its First Hydrogen Valley
Details of Ireland’s first Hydrogen Valley were recently announced at the launch event in NUI Galway. Hydrogen Industry Leaders looks at the Galway Hydrogen Hub (GH2) and investigates how the project will provide green hydrogen.

GH2’s proposal will aim to see a Hydrogen Valley in Galway, a regional ecosystem that hopes to connect hydrogen research, production, distribution, and transport with various end-uses such as transport and industry.

Developing an initial flagship demonstrator project at The Port of Galway, for the production and supply of hydrogen fuel for public and private vehicles is the intention of the project.

Green hydrogen that is produced at the GH2 project will be distributed for use by buses and trucks, to begin with, but then will be extended to maritime and aviation, to deliver a multi-modal, zero emission, green hydrogen transport hub.

The preferred connection point to the national grid is at the Galway 110kV grid substation and it is said that it will be powered by green energy. It could be expected to be fully operational by the end of 2024.

A significant contribution to reducing Ireland’s GHG emissions, the kickstart of the development of a new hydrogen economy in the country and the decarbonisation of the transport sector could be provided by this project.