Large-scale Green Hydrogen Project Coming to Morocco

A new hydrogen production facility will be developed in Morocco following an announcement by HDF Energy and Falcon Capital Dakhla.


With a goal capacity of 10GW in wind energy, 7GW in photovoltaic energy, and 8GW in electrolysers, hydrogen production is expected to commence by 2028.

Dubbed the White Dunes Project, an initial investment of $2bn will be provided by Moroccan enterprise, Falcon Capital Dakhla.

HDF, who will act as co-developer of the project, specialise in hydrogen infrastructure developments and fuel cell designs.

CEO Damien Havard said: “The collaboration with Falcon Capital Dakhla represents the perfect synergy between two complementary entities, enabling the production of some of the world’s most competitive green hydrogen in Morocco.

Majid Slimani, Founder and President of Falcon Capital Dakhla, commented: “White Dunes embodies a commitment to the cause of green energy and a dedication to more sustainable future for Morocco.

“We have devoted nearly two full years to feasibility studies, preliminary project design, and phased planning across a projected area of 150,000 hectares.”