Louisiana to see 15-tonne per day Hydrogen Plant Constructed
Plug Power has revealed that it is set to launch a joint venture with Olin Corporation to see the construction of a 15-tonne per day hydrogen plant in Louisiana, US. Hydrogen Industry Leaders explores how this will help meet the increasing hydrogen demand in the country.

Called Hidrogenii, the joint venture is aiming to support the supply of green hydrogen to the market across North America and is said to be utilising each company’s experience.

The plant which will be in St. Gabriel, Louisiana is planned to produce 15 tonnes of green hydrogen per day. It is contributing to Plug Power’s plans of establishing up to 500 tonnes of daily liquid green hydrogen production capacity in the US by 2025, ahead of expanding capacity to 1,000 tonnes per day in 2028.

CEO of Plug Power, Andy Marsh said: “Plug is working rapidly to meet the increasing demand of green hydrogen in North America and in the rest of the world. By partnering with like-minded companies, such as Olin, we’ll make the transition to hydrogen easy and affordable,”

Scott Sutton, Chairman, President, and CEO of Olin Corporation, commented, “The Hidrogenii venture advances our commitment to transform Olin’s hydrogen business into a value stream as we seek to grow the value of our 150,000 tonnes of annual hydrogen production capacity. We are excited to partner with Plug, a leader in sustainable hydrogen, to serve the growing demand for green hydrogen.”