New Hydrogen-ready Hybrid Ferries Coming to Germany
HADAG, the ferry operator for the German city of Hamburg, has announced that all three of its hybrid vessels are being designed to be hydrogen fuel cell ready. Hydrogen Industry Leaders looks at how the ferries will play a crucial role in decarbonising the transport sector.

The fuel cell-ready ferries are on order at the Schiffbau- u. Entwicklungsgesellschaft Tangermünd (SET) shipyard located in Tangermünd, Germany.

Each of these will be equipped with serial hybrid propulsion systems. These will include Danfoss Power Solutions’ drivetrain systems from the Editron division.

Bringing together shore connection, battery storage, and AC network feeding power module propulsion, the drivetrain’s connection is established via a compact DC link using unique and patented selectivity to ensure high system safety.

Martin Lobmeyer, HADAG Technical Director said: “These vessels will be designed to ensure safe operation in Hamburg’s city centre, which includes making multiple stops every hour and navigating the tidal conditions of the Elbe River.

“They will also efficiently utilize the hybrid-electric propulsion technology while driving at full speed and berthing throughout the whole harbour area.”