Norway Gets One of The World’s Largest Electrolysers Delivered
Norwegian-based HydrogenPro has revealed that the ‘world’s largest electrolyser’ has been delivered to its test facilities in Herøya, Norway. Hydrogen Industry Leaders looks at how the electrolyser hopes to set a new industry standard.

The 80-tonne electrolyser has been shipped from the company’s factory in Tianjin, China and is expected to produce up to 100kg of pure hydrogen every hour.

HydrogenPro believes that the electrolyser will set a new standard for the industry and is expected to have an output of 1100 Nm3 per hour.

Test runs will begin in the next couple of weeks and are aimed to verify that the electrolyser produces the expected amount of gas per unit of times.

Erik Christian Bolstad, Chief Commercial Officer at HydrogenPro, added, “It was with great excitement and joy that I witnessed the reception and placement of the large electrolyser at our test plant at Herøya.

“This marks a significant milestone for HydrogenPro and the further verification of our technology for large-scale green hydrogen production. The plant results will help optimise our delivery to one of the world’s largest factories for green hydrogen.”