Norway to Test Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Maritime Sector
Corvus Energy has opened a new test area for hydrogen fuel cells at their production site in Bergen, Norway. Hydrogen Industry Leaders looks at how this will help revolutionise the global maritime sector.

As part of the H2NOR project, the world’s leading producer of battery systems for the ocean space is focusing on the development and production of large-scale maritime-certified hydrogen fuel cell systems, with Toyota onboard as a key partner and supplier of mass-produced fuel cell technology.

CEO of Corvus Energy, Geir Bjørkeli, has said that “a dedicated marine and optimised hydrogen fuel cell solution is a vital step toward the decarbonisation of shopping.

“Being able to test both battery and fuel cell systems together and make them work in perfect harmony will potentially revolutionise the global maritime industry.”

The company aims to have the first marine hydrogen fuel cell system type approved in 2023 and start scalable production and commercial delivery in 2024.