Project to Deliver Green Hydrogen to Paraguayan Industrial Users
Following a successful first feasibility assessment (Phase 1), ANDE and Neogreen Hydrogen Corporation have signed a contract to provide connection and electrical energy services for an industrial plant in Presidente Franco, Alto Parana.

The project is aiming to deliver green hydrogen to Paraguayan industrial users, with a focus on smaller-scale initiatives in its initial phase.

It is said that the project will create 7,500 indirect jobs and provide employment for 250 highly qualified operators and maintenance opportunities in the energy sector.

As per the agreement, the corporation must adhere to current regulations. These include those set forth in Law No. 966/64 and the current Price List, while the technical terms and expressions used in the contract have been defined in Chapter 3 of Tariff Schedule No. 21.

In addition, the supply rate of Neogreen Hydrogen Corporation matches the Category 620 Very High Voltage of Tariff Sheet No. 21.

The plant will be equipped to produce 30 per cent of the country’s nitrogen requirements and will act as a catalyst for the growth of a downstream chain in the energy sector.