Singapore has Launched its National Hydrogen Strategy
The Government of Singapore has launched its National Hydrogen Strategy. Hydrogen Industry Leaders investigates the strategy.

According to the Government of Singapore, low-carbon hydrogen, and its derivative, have been revealed as a key potential decarbonisation pathway.

Under the new strategy, the aim is to experiment with the use of advanced hydrogen technologies, nearing commercial readiness, with plans to launch an Expression of Interest for a small-scale commercial project to utilise ammonia for power generation.

In addition to this, the government has announced $129 million for Phase 2 of the Low Carbon Energy Research (LCER) Programme to conduct research and development work to advance hydrogen technologies.

In a speech at Singapore International Energy Week, Lawrence Wong, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance of the Government of Singapore said, “Launch of Singapore’s National Hydrogen Strategy which will provide a roadmap of how hydrogen can support Singapore’s decarbonisation efforts, and the steps we will be taking to prepare Singapore for a hydrogen future.”

Going forward, the government has said it will work with industry and education support training for a future hydrogen workforce.