Six Projects Successful in Danish Hydrogen Tender
Six hydrogen production projects will receive a total of DKK 1.25bn following a Danish hydrogen tender, Hydrogen Denmark has revealed.


With a total of 675MW of projects having originally applied, the successful applicants that are to receive funding have committed to establishing 280MW electrolysis capacity in 2030.

The projects to be awarded full funding include Plug Power Idomlund Denmark, European Energy and Vindtestcenter Måde K/S, European Energy and Padborg PtX ApS, Electrochaea and Biocat Roslev, and European Energy and Kassø PtX Expansion ApS. HyProDenmark and Everfuel will be offered a reduced budget.

Tejs Laustsen Jensen, CEO of Hydrogen Denmark, highlighted the Danish hydrogen industry’s willingness to invest into the sector and “underlines that Danish companies are ready to turn potentials into real world projects.”

He said: “The tender will not only kickstart large-scale projects in Denmark but also serve as a motor for the European hydrogen industry.

“Green hydrogen and hydrogen derivatives are crucial for Europe’s green transition and Danish companies both have the skills and the will to play a leading part in the European hydrogen sector.”

The country’s goal to reach 4-6GW electrolysis capacity in 2030 will require further funding, Jensen explained: “We recommend that Denmark will channel its future tenders via the European Hydrogen Bank – by using the auction as a service mechanism, where member countries can support their national projects, which do not win the primary auction – and not as national tenders. This will make it easier and quicker for companies to apply and get clarity.”