Hydrogen Strategy in the Netherlands: A Look Around the Country
As the Netherlands commits to a hydrogen future, HIL provides the long term policy released by the government.

In the ministerial foreword, The report explained:

The Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU), in close cooperation with the European Commission. DG Energy has commissioned a study on the “Role of Hydrogen in the National Energy and Climate Plans”.

This study is being conducted by the consultancies Trinomics and LBST. This fiche represents one of the outputs of the study; it comprises two major parts:
– Analysis of national opportunities for hydrogen deployment, based on the national hydrogen production
and demand potential, the gas infrastructure and the enabling environment. In this context, the role of hydrogen in the current National Energy and Climate Plan is in particular analysed.
– Assessment of national economic, environmental and technical impacts of hydrogen deployment under a high and a low scenario.

This information is expected to provide useful information to the EU Member States that are considering to include renewable or low-carbon hydrogen deployment in their decarbonisation policies or roadmaps

You can find the full hydrogen strategy here.