Hydrogen Strategy in the USA: A Look Around the Country
As the USA commits to a hydrogen future, HIL provides the long term policy released by the government.

In the foreword, Mark W. Menezes Deputy Secretary of Energy explained:

“The U.S. economy is becoming more agile and innovative in response to continuing economic and environmental challenges and to the regional demands for clean electricity, fuels, and other products.

At the same time, the past decade has demonstrated the need for an all-of-the-above strategy to support the U.S. economy and energy security and to protect the environment.

Hydrogen is a versatile fuel that offers a path to sustainable long-term economic growth. It can add value to
multiple sectors in the economy and support America’s ongoing manufacturing renaissance.

It can serve as a sustainable fuel for transportation and as an input to produce electricity and heat for homes. And, carbon-free hydrogen could even be exported to markets that are looking for carbon-free energy.”

You can find the full hydrogen strategy here.