Spanish Green Hydrogen Site Powered Up
Global energy company Repsol have commenced green hydrogen production at its Petronor industrial centre in the north of Spain.


The facility, which is in the province of Biscay, houses a 2.5MW electrolyser capable of producing 350 tonnes of green hydrogen for industrial use per year.

The company, which is the leading producer and consumer of hydrogen in Spain, currently produces around 360,000 tons of hydrogen per year in its industrial facilities, representing almost 60% of the Spain’s demand.

Repsol and the Basque Energy Agency have also delivered the Basque Country’s first hydrogen refuelling station at the Abanto Zierbana Technology Park.

Hydrogen from the Petronor centre will be transported via a pipeline, installed by Nortegas, to power buses and heavy transport at the technology park.

Looking to the future, Repsol also plan to install two more electrolysers on the site, with capacities of 10MW and 100MW, the latter being recognised by the European Commission as an Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI).

Furthermore, the company will install electrolysers as a decarbonization lever close to its other four large industrial centres in Spain, with a unit in Cartagena set to have a capacity of 100MW, and also qualifying as an IPCEI.

A 150MW unit in Tarragona will be the largest in Spain and has been selected by the European Commission as an innovative project to receive funds under the Innovation Fund programme.

Repsol also plans to install 30MW electrolysers near its industrial complexes in Puertollano and A Coruña.