Andrew Hagan

Andrew Hagan
Chief Development Officer - Element 2

Andrew has spent more than 20 years working in the hydrogen, climate, and energy industries. His experience includes roles at Air Liquide, where he was a consultant on H2/ CO gases, and Shell – as a product Manager for the East of France and the Netherlands, where he also managed Public Private Partnership projects with local, city and transport infrastructure authorities – prior to ten years as a Director at the World Economic Forum (WEF).

At WEF, he led various global councils on emerging technologies, nanotechnology, biotechnology, chemistry, and advanced materials, as well as managing WEF’s work on energy harnessing (e.g. energy storage, materials and technology, new ‘feedstocks’ – shale gas, biomass, methane hydrates – and implications for regions and economies) and collaborative innovation.

He currently holds several Board Advisor and advisory roles across technology, energy, culture and sport organisations including: Hydra Energy, Cambridge Carbon Capture, AJH Emerging Technology Intelligence, Neva Aerospace and the World Council on Industrial Biotechnology.

Andrew is a Chartered Chemist and Scientist and holds a MBA as well as a PhD from Cambridge University among other qualifications and degrees.