Sustainable Fuel is Leading the way for Hydrogen Technology
Using a bespoke blend of sustainable fuel from Coryton, Bahrain Raid Xtreme (BRX)’s Sébastien Loeb and Fabian Lurquin have taken second place at Dakar 2023 and set a new record in the process. Hydrogen Industry Leaders looks at how motorsport can lead the way for sustainable technologies.

Driving through desert conditions in a Prodrive Hunter, Loeb and Lurquin went on to secure six successive stage victories, a new record for the Dakar Rally.

It marks the second year that BRX has celebrated success in this rally powered by the sustainable fuel Prodrive EcoPower. The team was the first major motorsport team to compete with a new generation of advanced sustainable fuels in 2022 and claimed second and fourth positions.

Using Sustainable Fuel Will Help Reduce GHG Emissions

Developed by Coryton, as part of its SUSTAIN RACING fuel product line, Prodrive Ecopower offers an 80 per cent reduction in GHG emissions when compared to fossil fuel-based equivalents.

The fuel meets the latest FIA regulations and has been specifically developed to demonstrate the environmental benefits of the latest sustainable fuel technology. The main components are second-generation biofuel (manufactured from agricultural waste) and efuels (created from carbon capture).

Andrew Willson, CEO at Coryton, explained that using sustainable fuel has highlighted how technology can help to reduce the impact we are having on the environment: “The setting also showcased the strengths of sustainable fuel as a powerful and credible technology in our bid to reduce greenhouse gases.

“The fact that it’s our second year of success working together at Dakar is further proof of this potential. By taking part in events like this, we hope to shine a light on the benefits sustainable fuels can deliver, not just in motorsports but for our entire ICE fleet.”

These are drop-in fuels which require no change to vehicles or infrastructure, so they can be deployed very quickly.

Motorsport Is Helping To Build Confidence In Sustainable Technologies

The partnership is cementing Coryton’s position as one of the leading driving forces for sustainable racing, having invested more than a decade in advancing sustainable solutions for the sector.

Seeing sustainable fuels used in the motorsport industry is key to leading the way for other sustainable technologies to be introduced, such as hydrogen as a fuel.

For example, once a technology has been proven successful in the motorsport industry, confidence in the technology is boosted. Therefore, other industries feel more confident implementing sustainable technology.

Car manufacturers may feel more encouraged to implement sustainable technology into designs, which will help to not just create more sustainable vehicles but ones that are better performing.