Tenfold Boost In Electrolyser Output As EU Backs Green Subsidies
Hydrogen Industry Leaders outline the European Commission’s commitment to a tenfold boost in electrolyser output by 2025 and producing ten million tonnes of green hydrogen a year by 2030.  

The European Commission (EC) and 20 manufacturers signed a Joint Declaration that promises to ensure that enough electrolysers will be made in Europe to meet the EU’s hydrogen accelerator programme. 

The goal of the accelerator is to produce ten million tonnes of green hydrogen a year by 2030. Reaching the ambitious volume of H2 would require 90-100GW of electrolysers to be installed in just seven and a half years — up from less than 150MW today.

Despite these hopes, there is currently less than 1.75GW of annual manufacturing capacity across Europe.

To support the hundreds of millions of euros that would need to be invested, the EC would aim to help tackle the three main barriers currently preventing rapid electrolyser growth:

  • The lack of adequate regulatory frameworks and subsidies for large-scale green hydrogen production;
  • The absence of certainty on future market demand for renewable H2; and
  • The challenges of securing the necessary volumes of components and raw materials.