The Netherlands to Establish 500MW Offshore Hydrogen Facility
The Dutch Government has revealed it aims to build a large production facility to convert wind power into hydrogen in the North Sea. Hydrogen Industry Leaders looks at how the project marks a first for the country.

It is said that the facility will have the capacity to produce 500 MW of green hydrogen annually, and it is expected that the facility will become operational in 2031.

This marks a first for the Netherlands as it is the first time that the country will produce hydrogen at sea on a large scale.

Rob Jetten, Minister for Climate and Energy, explained that it is essential to build confidence in the sector: “We have already designated the area as a preferred location so that preparations can start quickly, and we provide the sector with clarity so they can make their investment plans.”

Going forward, the Dutch Government aims to have the capacity to produce 4 GW of hydrogen from renewable energy sources at onshore facilities by 2030.

The new hydrogen plant will be connected to an offshore wind farm off the coast of the northern province of Groningen. The hydrogen could be transported to land using an existing natural gas pipeline.