The Upper Bavaria Region Has Ordered 10 Hydrogen-Powered Buses
The Upper Bavaria region in Germany has announced 10 hydrogen-powered buses will be used for public transport moving forwards, manufactured by Solaris. 

Busreisen Ettenhuber is set to acquire a fleet of five Urbino 12 hydrogen-powered buses, while an additional five buses will be operated by Martin Geldhauser & Co. 

These vehicles will be strategically deployed on different routes by the two private bus companies to gain valuable insights into varying factors such as route distances, weather conditions, and passenger loads. This data will enable them to continually enhance their transportation services.

Both Ettenhuber and Geldhauser buses share similar features, including an axle and integrated electric motors.

Each bus is equipped with state-of-the-art fuel cell kits boasting a 70kW capacity. The hydrogen used is stored in five tanks, collectively holding 1,560 litres, enabling the buses to travel a minimum of 350km on a single refuelling. 

Additionally, the hydrogen-powered Solaris buses are equipped with a compact Solaris High Power traction battery, which provides supplementary support to the fuel cell during periods of high electrical demand.