Three Hydrogen Plants to Boost Finland’s Green Hydrogen Economy
Plug Power has announced its plans to develop three green hydrogen production plants in Finland. Hydrogen Industry Leaders explores how these projects will highlight the country’s international hydrogen competitiveness.

The plants in Finland will produce 850 tons per day (TPD) of green hydrogen, or 2.2GW of electrolyzer capacity, by the end of the decade with a final investment decision by 2025/2026.

Using Plug Power’s PEM electrolyzer and liquefaction technology, the green hydrogen produced at the sites will support the production of ammonia and DRI, reduce dependence on fossil fuels, and support decarbonisation efforts.

Kokkola is the first of the sites and is expected to generate 85TPD of liquid green hydrogen, and up to 700kt of green ammonia annually, using 1GW of electrolysers.

This liquid green hydrogen will be produced for local use and for export to Western Europe from the Port of Kokkola.

Kristinestad is the second site and is located close to a former coal plant. It will generate green hydrogen for green steel production (2.0 mt/y or DRI/HBI produced) exported from the Port of Kristinestad.

The third site is in Porvoo and will produce up to 100TPD by 2030. The hydrogen will be used for local mobility and exported through pipeline injection to Western Europe.

This is a strategically important move for Plug Power and could enhance European energy security. These projects will support Finland’s efforts to become carbon neutral by 2035, a target set by the Finnish Government in the National Climate and Energy Strategy.