Toyota Increases Hydrogen Technology Development In New Agreement
Toyota has signed a new memorandum of understanding with Air Liquide and CaetanoBus to help develop hydrogen systems in Europe. Hydrogen Industry Leaders give you a snapshot of the project. 

Air Liquide – a France-based industrial gases and technology firm – and Portuguese bus and chassis manufacturer CaetanoBus will collaborate with Toyota in the project that hopes to accelerate the expansion of hydrogen mobility.

It will focus on improving both light and heavy-duty vehicles as the industry decarbonises the transport sector.

The three companies will combine their efforts to address the entire value chain of hydrogen mobility, ranging from the renewable or low-carbon production of hydrogen to refuelling infrastructure. An end-to-end supply chain is essential for the future of hydrogen-fuelled vehicles. 

Toyota is one of two manufacturers that offers a hydrogen-powered vehicle in the UK, with its Mirai. Currently, there are 14 hydrogen filling stations open to the public in the UK, so scalability is also an important objective.