Which Four Energy Companies Have Outlined Plans for a Hydrogen Valley?
Collaborative approaches to net zero have always been heralded as a must if plans and early stage projects are to be integrated into the hydrogen economy. This is something that is often theorised but rarely implemented.

Highlighting how this can be implemented on a large scale, Four big energy players in Finland have laid out plans to develop a major industrial hydrogen valley across the country. 

Preliminary studies into the viability of such a large-scale project are now underway for the Uusimaa region in the southwest of the nation, with contributions from Neste Corporation, Gasgrid Finland, Helen and Vantaa Energy.

If the project comes to fruition, there will be a combination of infrastructure, storage and transmission for renewable hydrogen. The valley will act as a point of use for both producers and consumers of hydrogen. Integrating both parts of the supply chain is a core component of the various studies. 

Finland commit to multiple valley projects

Significant amounts of renewable heat could also be extracted from the valley and used on for domestic and district heating purposes. Making the  most use out of all forms of energy created, both purposefully and as a by-product will help deliver a low-carbon hydrogen future. 

This builds on previous announcements that Finland will create a cross border hydrogen valley between themselves and Estonia. Both projects could secure a strong hydrogen economy for Finland and position the nation as a world leader of hydrogen production.

Investment opportunities are likely to come from across Europe, as Finland bet big on hydrogen to meet ambitious climate goals.  

Collaboration: putting theory into practice

Outi Ervasti, Vice-President, Renewable Hydrogen at Neste, explained: “We need renewable hydrogen in order to reach our climate commitments, e.g., reaching carbon neutral production by 2035.”

“Hydrogen is an essential part of our processes, and an efficiently functioning hydrogen valley would be a great way to source hydrogen in the future,” Ervasti added.

By being open to collaboration and seeking partnership we discover new paths and unlock a world of interesting possibilities

Sara Kärki, Senior Vice-President, Hydrogen Development of Gasgrid Finland, said: “Gasgrid Finland promotes the development of the national hydrogen network, international infrastructure cooperation and the hydrogen market in the Baltic Sea region. Our task is to support industrial investments and develop a hydrogen pipelines that connects hydrogen producers and consumers.”