Australia Will Use Hydrogen for New Carbon-neutral Mine
LINE Hydrogen has signed a MoU with Blue Cap Mining to develop the energy requirements for Blue Cap’s Lord Byron Gold Mine in Western Australia. Hydrogen Industry Leaders explores why it is essential that Australia’s mining sector becomes greener.

The new mining project will be the first carbon-neutral mine in Western Australia, and it is one of only two active mines in Australia to reach the milestone.

It is said that the project will begin development in early 2023 and will see LINE Hydrogen design, develop, and operate renewable technologies at the site to replace fossil fuel-based power generation.

Renewable technology from a green hydrogen production plant will provide green power to the operation during non-renewable energy generation periods.

In addition to this, the plant will provide green hydrogen as a diesel fuel replacement on the site including mining equipment, generators, and vehicles.

Switching to green energy is essential for the country as the mining sector currently accounts for roughly 10 per cent of Australia’s total energy use.