Latin America to Ramp up its Energy Transition Plans
According to a new report, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, and Brazil are leading the race to develop clean hydrogen in Latin America. Hydrogen Industry Leaders explore how governments across the region are ramping up their energy transition plans.

The Hydrogen in Latin America report, published by Green Power Global has said that a wealth of renewable energy resources gives the region a competitive edge to supply both local and foreign markets.

It expressed that the countries are “already positioning themselves to take advantage of the hydrogen era, and produce enough low-carbon fuels, gases and other hydrogen carriers for domestic use and exports, while other countries are testing the waters with small pilot projects.”

In addition to Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, and Brazil, the report cited Argentina, Mexico, Costa Rica, Trinidad and Tobago, and Barbados as other countries with promising agendas for hydrogen development.

As project sponsors take stock of policies and opportunities, having an already built-in industrial demand will be an asset for these countries as the low-carbon hydrogen economy develops.