Hydrogen Membrane Venture Announced in Germany
A German company, the Chemours Company plans to enter a joint venture with BMT FUMATECH Mobility GmbH, an established player in multiple hydrogen markets. Hydrogen Industry Leaders looks this will help bring affordable hydrogen energy solutions to mass markets.

Rooted in both companies’ understanding of the role that heavy-duty fuel cell membranes can play in driving the global hydrogen economy, THE Mobility F.C. Membranes Company GmbH will see Chemours and BWT integrate their resources and expertise.

Denise Dignam, President of Advanced Performance Materials at Chemours said: “The estimated size of the heavy-duty fuel cell membrane market is expected to grow to about $900 million by 2030, which speaks volumes to how critical this technology is, and will continue to be, as the planet pursues robust goals for decarbonization,”

Continuing, she said: “This is an ideal partnership, possessing everything required to go from monomer to membrane with the agility, efficiency, and production volume necessary to bring affordable hydrogen energy solutions to mass markets.”

THE Mobility F.C. Membranes Company will supply to the EU, USA, Japan, China, and Korea at the offset. It will enable downstream customers to accelerate broad conversion to green, hydrogen-powered heavy-duty transportation.